Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select exactly the jewelry I want?
Just look at all the photos and the produckts that are displayed. If you see a combination you like, you have to 
decide the metal you want the (bottom, largest) to be in. Then add chain and and optionally a little Swarovski crystal.
Then click the "Add to chart" button. 
Remember to whrite your personal text in the "Special Instructions" section below.

How are the jewelery made?
Every piece goes through a rigorous five-part process,
which includes stamping, soldering, adding patina,
adding a lustrous brushed finish and adding jumpspring and chain.
The jewelery are shiny and polished when you receive them. But as you can see, the letters are dark. In order to achieve that, the metals goes through several processes. When I make ​​the jewelery, I stamp the name and leave the metal in a solution consisting water and a product called "Liver of sulfur" (Various potassium and sulfur compounds). In this process, metal gets a dark coating (patina) on the surface. (The different metals are using various time to darken in this solution.) This process called patinating. To stop this process, the metal is dipped in a solution of water and baking soda.

Now the whole disc is dark, but I want only the letters to be dark. So the metal is sanded and polished thoroughly. Now the letters and the words remain dark while the rest of metal is shiny again.

Since the jewelery you receive has been through such a chemical process to get to the dark, it will also change over time. I additional there are various chemical components that forms coatings on metal, after which it is exposed to various atmospheric elements. (Eg oxygen, rain, carbon dioxide. Patina is also added, simply by using natural and touching.

If the jewel you receive also has several layers,the u nderlying layers get a certain degree of wear from the overlaying metal
In addition, metals affect each other and cause further patina, change of color and texture.

I think that this aldringspatinaen is beautiful. It shows that the necklace is in transition and in a constant change.
If you want to refund the original luster, use a cleaning cloth or chamois leather to rub the jewelry pieces shiny again.

What metal are the jewelery made of?
For my jewelery I use copper, brass, bronze and *nugold.  
*What is Nugold?
Nugold is a brass alloy and contains 85% copper and 15% zinc. Nugold has been specially formulated for jewelry. It has a rich warm color and if highly polished resembl gold without the high cost of gold.
Nugold features a rich, warm hue that tarnishes considerably slower than copper.
How can I tell the difference between the various metals?
It is not so easy to capture the different colors in the metal. color varies according to the light they are in, daylight or indoor light.  
They also vary depending on the angle you look at them. I have tried to describe them in this picture:

Which font can I get on my jewelery?
You can choose between uppercase and lowercase letters. They are both in typewriter-font.
In addition, you can get the numbers, for instance a certain date.
Be sure to spell the names, numbers or words correctly. Check twice.  
How long is the jewelery chain?
You can choose between aprox 17"/40cm or 27"/70cm.

Can I choose another type of metal-combinations than I can see on the pictures in the shop?
If you have other preferences than the combinations you can find in the store,
you have the opportunity to choose between copper, brass, bronze and *nugold.

Will the metal surface change over time? 
It is most likely that the surface will change over time, and tarnish may appear. 
Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosion that forms over copper, brass, bronze and other similar metals, as their outermost layer undergoes a chemical reaction. Using a thin coat of polish can prevent tarnish from forming over these metals. Use a soft polish cloth for removing tarnish and oxidation from the metals.
How long will it take from the time I place myorder until I receive my jewelery?
These products are being made ​​to order. From I receive your order you can expect about 5-7 workdays
before the product
is finished and it can be sent.
Shipping takes approximately 5-14 business days depending on where in the world you are located. 
What if I am not satisfied with the product when I received it?
My goal is that you will be more than happy with the jewelery you purchased. I want nothing more than for you to be proud to wear such a personal piece of jewelery. If however, you do not, then I will do my utmost to help you. Send me an email and tell me what you are thinking and together we will figure out the problem.

If I have misspelled names or stamped anything wrong, you will of course receive a new piece of jewelry without any charge. 

Do you have something on your mind? Please let me know!